Sunday, 25 March 2012

Potato cubes

I made these to go with grilled Mackerel with tomatoes and capers, but they would go very well with chicken, or as part of a buffet.


About a pound of yellow/waxy potatoes, like Roosters
A good glug of Olive oil
Splash of White wine
Salt & freshly ground black pepper
Clove of garlic


Peel the potatoes and cut into 2 cm. cubes. Slice the garlic very finely. Put everything into a frying pan over a medium heat (I used a non-stick wok) and stir to mix. Allow the wine to evaporate, stirring occasionally, then as the frying sound starts, let the edges of the potatoes crisp and turn them from time to time. When the potatoes are tender to the point of a knife, drain and serve hot.

These would probably be best made in portions no larger than indicated above, since you want every potato piece to be in contact with the oil at all times.

Amazingly tasty and easy to make, although you might have to dance a little at the end to stop the potatoes from breaking up.

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